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      4:00-6:00pm→ Check-in at Metropolis

      6:15-6:45pm→ Opening Ceremonies Seating and late arrival check-in at HAAS

      6:45-9:00pm→ Opening Ceremonies in HAAS

      9:30pm-12:00am→ Entertainment and Hospitality at McPhee


     8:00-9:00am→ Breakfast in Centennial 1415 and 1614


     9:00am-9:50am→ Session #1 in Centennial

     10:00-10:50am→ Session #2 in Centennial

     11:00-11:50am→ Session #3 in Centennial

     12:00-1:00pm→ Lunch Group #1 (Centennial 1415)

                                  Philanthropy Group #2 (Centennial 1614)


     1:00-2:00pm→ Lunch Group #2 (Centennial 1415)

                                Philanthropy Group #1 (Centennial 1614)


     2:00-2:50pm→ Session #4 Centennial

     2:50-3:30pm→ Free time to explore campus

     3:30-4:20pm→ Record Breakers (Top 10) in Centennial

     4:30-6:00pm→ Prepare for Banquet

     6:00-6:30pm→ Banquet Seating at Metropolis

     6:30-8:30pm→ Banquet at Metropolis

     9:00pm-12:00am→ Entertainment at Metropolis

     9:00pm-1:00am→ Hospitality at Metropolis



     7:00-10:00am→ Check Out at Metropolis

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